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Encouragement in the everyday life

Published 04.09.2014 af Favo
Encouragement in the everyday life

We are back in the routine of everyday life, and we should really invest in those days, - because those are the majority of our days! Why not spread some encouragement in the everyday life via your screens?

Cake, competition or hot cocoa

It doesn't have to be anything bigger than a cake (or fruit-salad?) for Friday lunch, or organized games and competitions during the breaks between classes next Thursday. Or how about hot cocoa together on a cold Fall day?

Image-post on your screen beforehand

Create and publish a post on your screen about this ahead of time, so that you can look forward to it together. It would be a good idea to use an image-post for this, as it will be noticed especially, and will encourage those who see it.

Small pleasures are worth a lot

Giving those around us a little encouragement, is something which is often very rewarding, so it is worth the initiative. Good luck!

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