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New: Same schedule for several posts, archive and trashcan

Published 05.08.2014 by Favo
New: Same schedule for several posts, archive and trashcan

Updated content is crucial if you want people to pay attention to your public screens! With our newest update we help you get a better overview of what is being displayed on your screens.

Archive and trashcan

Posts that are no longer in use, can now be found either in the archive or in the trashcan, - both of them are easily available directly from the entry-page. If you want to reuse a post, you can restore it from the trashcan or publish it from the archive.

The trashcan is emptied continuously, so posts only stay there for 14 days before they are deleted completely. (We will only start emptying trashcans in October, giving you time to review what is there.)

Same schedule for several posts

Now you can use the same schedule for several posts. Name your schedule when you use it the first time, so that you later easily can use the same one.

Posts connected to a schedule will get a special tag on the entry-page, making it easy to keep the overview.

Filter and search

Filter and search is more adjusted to your account, demands less space and can be enlarged if you want it to.

We have also added more possibilities to filter and search for posts - you can for example separate between posts that are displayed now and posts that will be displayed later, or your can search for both types of posts.

Thanks to everyone who sent us suggestions or questions that inspired us regarding this update! We look forward to the continuation!

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at <a href=“"></a>!

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