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Took qualifying examination with PinToMind

Published 25.06.2014 by Favo
Took qualifying examination with PinToMind

When Jørgen Ringsby was going to take his qualifying examination in ICT at Aurskog upper secondary school in Norway, he chose to use PinToMind*.

Presented PinToMind for the examiners

"I chose PinToMind because it is easy to use, very orderly and nice, in comparison to other digital signage solutions...", Ringsby wrote us in an e-mail. He had some knowledge of PinToMind, as he had used it at a school where he was ICT-manager. One of the assignments in the qualifying exam focused on the information screen at school. In this way he was able to present PinToMind for the examiners.

Super solution for great prices

Ringsby says he definitely can recommend to others. This is how he sums up the service: "Super great solution, easy and efficient, not messy, clean and nice + good prices!"

Congratulations on passing your qualifying exam!

We over at PinToMind are very happy to congratulate Jørgen Ringsby on passing his qualifying exam, and we wish him continued success!

</i>*PinToMind is called infoskjermen in Norway</i>

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