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Internal news on the break-room screen

Published 18.06.2014 af Favo
Internal news on the break-room screen

If you have a screen in the break room, this is an excellent channel for internal news.

Keep your employees updated

Keep your employees informed about what is going on in your business, and let them be the first to know what is happening. When the employees get a bit of an overview and insight into what is going on in other departments, it provides perspective and helps them see that they are part of something bigger than just the details they are focusing on. It can be encouraging to see the bigger picture! How about displaying your business-calendar on the break-room-screen, for example?

Communicate areas of responsibility

The screen for internal use can also be a great place to communicate internal areas of responsibility. You could have a post that shows who is in charge of cleaning the break room, or emptying the dishwasher today, for instance. Add the lists directly to the screen ahead of time, as time-controlled posts. You decide whether to put them in the main post, the sidebar or in the footer.

Easier every day life

Good communication and information flow can really help provide an easier every day life and a more positive social environment. Why not let PinToMind help you with this?

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