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Use PinToMind for free at a Summer Conference

Published 11.06.2014 af Favo
Use PinToMind for free at a Summer Conference

Are you in the arranging committee of a conference or any type of large gathering or convention this summer? We would like to help by offering free use of pintomind.com during the conference.

Give people an overview of what is happening

When many people are gathered, there is a lot of information that needs to get out, and if this information flows well, everything is just so much easier on everyone! A participant's experience is affected positively by feeling that he has an overview of what is going on, and that he is not confused about what happens when and where etc. This is were digital signage through pintomind.com can be your solution!

Update "on the go"

Create an account ahead of time and add what you can of information already then. During the conference itself, you can update your screens regarding last minute changes, or other information you need to get out fast. This can easily be done directly from your phone, as everything happens through a browser.

PinToMind helps you to easily and efficiently get information out to everyone. Why not make use of this free offer this summer?

Photo: freeimages.com / phelle

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