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Been on a trip? Display photos on your public displays!

Published 06.06.2014 af Favo
Been on a trip? Display photos on your public displays!

Trips and joint experiences can be very bonding and strengthening for the fellowship. Why not prolong the good effects by displaying photos on the public displays afterwards?

Upload photos straight from your phone

It is very easy to upload images to your public displays, even directly from your phone. With modern technology this becomes so simple, and can be done easily from anywhere.

Choose whether to display as slides or collages

After selecting the images you want, you decide how you want them displayed. One option is to display them as slides, where one by one image gets undivided, focused attention. But if you think this is too time-consuming, you can choose to display the images as collages, where several images are displayed at the same time. This option provides a varied and changing display. Use the preview-function, and choose what you prefer for your display.

Prolong the good experiences

Whether it is a school-trip, a staff-trip, a barbecue or anything else during this spring- and summer-season, - take some photos and enjoy the benefits of this investment in the weeks to come, by remembering together through your public displays.

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