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PinToMind is reaching out to Scandinavians!

Published 02.06.2014 by Favo
PinToMind is reaching out to Scandinavians!

PinToMind is now available in both Swedish and Danish!

Our digital signage solution is greatly built on our experience from Norway. We know that many Norwegians prefer to read, write and work in Norwegian. So we figured our neighbours, the Swedes and the Danes, probably similarly would like to be able to have this digital pinboard system in their own mother tongues.

So, Swedes and Danes, I am asking you to please give it a try! See for yourselves! For free and with no commitment you can try our product with full functionality for a whole month. Working in your own language will already make it feel more familiar and less foreign. You have your Swedish “anslagstavla” and your Danish “opslagstavle” available to you right here in a digital format! We are happy to bring you this gift, and hope it will be of great help and benefit to you!

When you log in, you get to choose between four languages, - English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. You will choose a language for your account, but if some of the users of your account prefer to work in a different language, they are free to choose a different one.

You add your own posts (text, images, news, weather forecast etc.) to your screen, and make it what you need it to be, - your very own bulletin board, displaying the information you need to get out!

We sincerely hope this will provide you with a helpful tool to simplify communication and information-flow at your work-place or school!

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