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Why people choose PinToMind

Published 14.05.2014 by Favo
Why people choose PinToMind

Feedback shows that people choose PinToMind* because the solution is very user friendly, the screens look nice and professional, everything happens through the internet, the price is OK and the customer service is very good.

We appreciate your feedback

Many people are quick to report when something is not working properly. We are very thankful for that, because that helps us take care of it fast. But there are even e-mails that are positive right from the start, and those are often answers to why people chose PinToMind.

Professional-looking screens

A common theme in most of those e-mails, would be that they chose PinToMind because it is user friendly and the screens look good, and have a professional look. An e-mail from a Norwegian research company that recently opened an account with us, sums this up well:

"The reason we chose your solution for our digital signage is mainly because it is ingeniously simple to use, at the same time as the result is nice and professional."

User friendly

The fact that the solution is easy to use, means that the task of updating the screens can be shared by more people. This is not something only the IT-manager can take care of, - PinToMind is a solution that anyone easily can learn to update by himself.

Can even be done from home

This is a service where everything happens through the internet, which means that it is possible to update from anywhere, anytime. A senior adviser for an education center said it like this:

"It is wonderful to be able to update the information from home. We are not dependent on making our way to the office to add messages. We look upon this as a great step forward! :-)"

We also hear of positive feedback from people who see the screens, which of course pleases both the customer himself and us.

Good customer service

It is encouraging to get this type of feedback from municipalities:

"The reaction from our internal users has been very positive. Also the customers who come by are impressed, - it looks so professional! :-) The fact that the price is not too bad, fits us poor municipalities very well... And the contact I have had with your customer service, has been very positive."

* PinToMind is called infoskjermen.no in Norway.

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