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Norway's "Bett" chose PinToMind for information-flow

Published 24.04.2014 by Favo

NKUL, Norway's largest conference within IT in education, is coming up, and we look forward to having a booth there again. We are also very happy with the fact that the administration of the conference chose to use our digital signage solution for the fifth consecutive year.

- We like PinToMind* because it is easy to use, there is central updating on all screens, and it is easy to distribute to many different locations. It is also just genius that it runs through a browser without any use of local clients, explains conference-administrator Vegard Moen, when we ask why they choose our solution.

During the conference, the participants will get to watch our digital signage solution in action on large screens in all the auditoriums.

- The participants of the conference pay attention to what is displayed on the screens between the various presentations, and this simplifies our task of keeping everyone updated, says Moen. - We add practical information about the program and conference-activities, and this is particularly useful when there are last minute changes that people should be informed of immediately.

*In Norway, PinToMind is called

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