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- A great ambassador for the school

Published 31.03.2014 by Favo
- A great ambassador for the school

- PinToMind* is a wonderful tool to keep pupils and staff updated at all times! And when other pupils come for a tour of the school, the screens are great ambassadors for the school, says Raoul Mauritz Olsson from Odda Upper Secondary School.

Customized information on different Public Displays

They have placed a Public Display in each hallway and customized the information accordingly. Three screens are positioned in various common areas, where they add somewhat lighter information in addition to the school's most important internal information.

Helps keep people updated at all times

At an upper secondary school, there is a large need for getting information out to people, - anything from changes of room-reservations to speedy changes of location for attendance. The Public Displays are wonderful tools in helping us keep pupils and staff updated at all times!

Mauritz Olsson tells us that they utilize the calendar-function, and in this way display the coming events for the school. In addition, the weather forecast is something everyone wants to stay updated on.

Good ambassador for the school

They often receive positive feedback on photos that are displayed in relation to trips or events connected to the school. - When other pupils come for a tour of the school, the Public Displays work as good ambassadors to show what is happening at our school, says the IT-consultant.

Userfriendly system

He continues and tells that for those who work with IT, it was naturally easy to understand how one was to use PinToMind. But they are not the only ones that are to manage the content for the Public Displays. The solution for this school, was for the staff to continue using their own school-platform. In this way they could keep using a familiar system, and from there the posts were automatically added as RSS, which PinToMind also supports.

* In Norway, PinToMind is called

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