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PinToMind is 10 years!

We started because of an idea for something we needed ourselves. After 10 years, we are excited about 2400 customers in 24 countries. Incredibly amazing! Thank you so much for your trust and cooperation!

Read stories about our customers and us

We are excited about 2400 customers in 24 countries. We are celebrating customers in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Iceland, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, the Maldives, the Faroe Islands and Brazil.

But more important than the statistics and the lists, are the stories that really excite us; the stories about customers that are helped to create attention around what is important to them. During our year of Jubilee, 2020. we want to tell some of the stories about our customers and us.

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Digital bulletin boards for volunteer work

Published 19.05.2020 av Favo

Environment and sustainability have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, and donating for reuse instead of throwing, and buying used instead of new, is trendy like never before! A major player in the Norwegian recycling market is NLM Gjenbruk. They have a total of 35 recycling shops from south to north in Norway. They are all run entirely by volunteers - and almost all stores have digital bulletin boards!


PinToMind at Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing

Published 26.03.2020 av Favo

Through generations, the family business, Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing at Bømlo, Norway, has been built up through fishing and fish-farming. We had the pleasure of visiting them in the fall. Then it was still crowded on their premises, and coronavirus was something none of us had even heard of. Now they are of course experiencing different days, like all of us, but they report that things are going relatively well.


Improvement of school information flow

Published 02.03.2020 av Favo

On the Christian High School at Haugalandet in Norway, they have used PinToMind* actively for many years. They were so pleased with this, that when they moved to a brand new building outside of Haugesund last fall, they upgraded to several more, centrally located information screens.