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Great welcome-screens for waiting rooms and receptions!

  • Display messages, news and images easily on a waiting room TVs in your reception.
  • Advertise about what you are offering, and how the customers can best take advantage of this.
  • Feel free to display different information on different screens for staff and customers.

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Today 1346 different workplaces are using our reception screen software to welcome and inform people in a very easy way.

Hordaland County Dental Services were in need of a good welcome screen software for their reception screens. They tested different options, ended up choosing PinToMind, and are now happy customers.

- PinToMind is intuitiv and very easy to use. It is a simple thing to edit the content and send it to specific information screens. We get a good overview of our welcome and reception screens and it gives us good control.
Linda Bringedal, Hordaland Dentist Services

- We do not have the resources to spend much time on welcome screen administration. After having tested your system, we see that we manage to display the information we want easily and efficiently on our reception screens.
Børre Thorkildsen, Ålesund adult education center

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