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Help & FAQ for PinToMind


:tv: Use equipment you already have

To manage content on the public screens, use your own PC, tablet or phone. If you have a screen on the wall with a built-in player or a screen with a PC, you can just open a browser here and paste the address for your screen-content.

:unamused: We are skeptical of Smart screens

Generally we do not recommend smart-screen for our solution. The reason is that many smart-screens do not follow web standards and are not designed to show our website in fullscreen mode.

The development of smart-screen models moves fast, and there are models that can work well at time of purchase, but are not being updated to comply with new Web standards that will come later. If you choose to use a smart-screen, you should therefore take into account that it may be necessary to connect to an external computer later.

Be aware of license on television sets, and that they usually are not made to be on around the clock.