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Help & FAQ / Post types and features


Add a video-post

In the field "Video URL", paste the web-address/URL for the video you want to display, f.ex.

If you want to display your own videos, you must upload these to YouTube, and then paste the address for the YouTube-video in the address-field. The video must be public, and not private, in order to display it on PinToMind.

When you upload a video in YouTube, it is possible to select for this video not to be searchable, so that only those who know the exact address can see it.

Tips for displaying video well

Video is a type of post which demands much from network and hardware.

We recommend using YouTubes HTLM5-player on the physical public screen. Do this by going to on the public screen, and select that you want to use the HTML5-player.

There is a difference between how stabile the browsers are for displaying video. We have best experience with Google Chrome, and this can be essential for a good viewing of a vidoe-post.

Samsung-screens with SSSP4 and SSSP5 have also worked well for displaying video. The same is true for screen-solutions from Philips (the DL-series, the PL-series and the QL-series). All of these may need an update of Firmware for video to work well.

Chrome OS also displays video very well, but needs a daily restart.

Video-posts requires good network. You will achieve the best result if you use wired network.


Video-post is a beta-feature which is not fully developed yet. We recommend using YouTube's HTML5-player, and are waiting for this to be default player before we remove the BETA-stamp from video-posts.