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Help & FAQ / Post types and features


Do you want to display a webpage on your public screens? Real time display of public transport company, energy reports, or another webpage that is customized for public screens?

This post-type is a beta-feature which is not fully developed. We would like your feedback if you find errors or have ideas for improvements.

Must be meant for public screens

Webpages that are to be displayed on public screens must be meant for such a display. Readability and download is important to take into consideration; the page must be easy to read and it must be fast - heavy or slow pages will lead to a lower quality display on the public screen. The page should also be designed so that the layout adapts to different screen sizes.

Appearance may vary

Websites appear differently depending on resolution of screen, content and technology of webpage, browser, operating system and hardware being used. The display of a webpage on a public screen may look differently than what you see when you preview on your own machine.

We try to customize the display of ordinary combinations and standards, and are interested in your feedback if you have any questions or comments.

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