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Help & FAQ / Post types and features
Strava on your public screen

Strava - more active people

We believe in regular physical activity! Positive energy and good mood is essential to doing a good job. Strava is a lovely app that helps you logg your training and will motivate you to become more active.

Walking, jogging, cycling?

Strava is just as good for little walks in the park as it is for the long and tiring biketrip. You will get a nice map over where you have been, distance, time and much more if you want.

Strava on the public screen

We are using Strava here at PinToMind, and we have made an integration to display the activities on the public screen. The goal is to motivate to more physical activity! :bicyclist: :dash:

Get started

You must be a registered user with both Strava and PinToMind. With Strava you make a club and invite the others from your workplace to join. Then you create a post for your public screen where you choose to display the activity from your club.

You create the post here, and if you do not use PinToMind yet, you can create a 30 day free trial with no commitment.