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Help & FAQ / Post types and features


Freshen up your public screens by displaying images from Instagram! The public screens automatically update themselves with new images, at the same time as you get to advertise about where people can follow you.

You can display images from your own Instagram-user, a #hashtag or another @user. Other than displaying images from you own account, you can only display images from accounts that are not private. The images on the public screen will be updated automatially when there are new images added to Instagram.

The display focuses on the most recent image that has been published, and displays thumbnails of older images. If you have several Instagram-accounts, you can create several posts where you display from different Instagram-accounts.

Try it yourself now

Go to "New Post" in the upper right corner when you are logged in at, and select "Instagram". After authenticating the post, you decide which #hashtag or @user you want to display images from. Select if you want the post displayed in the main area or in the sidebar, and which screens to display it on. It is a good idea to preview before you save it.

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