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Help & FAQ / Post types and features


Keep people updated about what is happening! Bookings of meeting rooms. Information to students regarding activities. Lunch menu for the coming week. Who is using the soccer field. The possibilities are numerous, and the best of all is that the posts update themselves automatically!

Retrieve via ICS

The calendar you want to add to the screen, must be available on the internet, either with open or hidden address (URL). The calendar must not be protected with a username and password.

You can for instance display calendar from Outlook (Exchange) or Google published as "subscription calendar" in ICS /iCal format.

Paste the address of the calendar in the area for "Calendar Address". If you want to display multiple calendars in the same post, select "Merge Calendars" and paste multiple calendar addresses.

We recommend that you contact your IT department and ask if this is possible with your calendars.

Retrieve calendar from Google

Go to "calendar-settings" for the calendar you want to display. Right-click on the icon [ical] under the private address, and copy the connecting-address. Paste this address in the address-field when you add a new calendar-post.