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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

Welcome to PinToMind!

Are you invited by someone to use PinToMind? Welcome, we help you get started!

Log in

You can publish and edit your content anywhere where you have access to internet. After logging in, you get same access whether you are on phone, tablet or PC.

In the e-mail with your invitation, you'll find your username and password.


Publish posts

When you have logged in, you can create and publish different types of posts by clicking on "NEW POST" in the upper right corner.

When you create a post, you select which screens you want the post displayed on, and you can decide the timing for when the post is to be displayed.

Adjust layout and display your screens online

Under the menu-option "Screens" you can select "Settings" to adjust the look and layout of your screens. Upload logo, select background colour or background image and adjust how the footer shall be displayed. Now you are ready to start displaying your public screen!

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