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Help & FAQ / Chromebit
PinToMind - Asus Chromebit with app for PinToMind

Asus Chromebit with PinToMind app

Asus Chromebit is a stick-pc which runs Chrome OS. With our player-app you can simply use Chromebit to run your public screen with automatic startup in fullscreen, which can give new life to old screens.

Purchase and install

Asus Chromebit can be ordered on the internet. If you do not have mouse and keyboard which you can connect with via USB, we recommend that you buy this at the same time.

Chromebit comes in a box which contains the Chromebit itself, a short HDMI-cabel and a power adapter. Unpack, connect mouse, keyboard, screen and power, and install on the back of the screen - and you are ready to set up the display of your public screen!

Basic settings and login.

When you start the Chromebit you are taken through a guide. Follow the points below step-by-step on the Chromebit, and you are started. If the Chromebit is not new, you have to reset it to factory settings before you continue.

Install PinToMind player-app

Tip! Open on the Chromebit, and you can read the rest of this page there, and simply copy and paste the app-ID below.

Register screen-code

The screen-code is 5-6 letters or numbers at the end of the screen-address. You can find it in your list of screens.

Example: URL

Enter only the code in the field called "screencode", in this example "ABC123".

Ta-da! The Chromebit is installed and ready to be used! :tada: :smiley:

When the Chromebit is set up it is locked in a so called kiosk mode for use for public screen. Here you can find tips for how to change and maintain your Chromebit.