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Help & FAQ for PinToMind
Bruk av Chromebox og Chromebit

Use of Chromebox and Chromebit

The Chrome-devices that give new life to old screens

Do you have an old screen or tv that is not being used? You can use it as a public screen! Or do you have an old public screen that needs to be renewed? Chromebox and Chromebit are good solutions to prolong the life of old screens. It is both cheap and environmentally friendly!

Choose between Chromebox and Chromebit

Is it mainly news, text and information you want to display, or do you want to display many images and YouTube-videos? Chromebit is small and cheap, but it has a somewhat smaller capacity than Chromebox, - other than that their uses are quite similar. If you plan to use YouTube-posts on the screen, we recommend Chromebox for a more stabile display.

Automatic start and daily restart with PinToMind Player

Installation of PinToMind Player allows Chrome-devices to automatically start display of the PinToMind public screen when they are turned on, and gives them a daily restart.

The alternative is to manually log in and open the browser in fullscreen each time the chrome device is started.

To use the PinToMind Player with automatic start and daily restart, the chrome device must have a license from Google and must be a part of a so called Chrome device management.

We have set up a system for purchase of licenses from Google, so that you don't have to do this. We manage purchase of licenses and charge in the same way as for a subscription. The price per device is 24 EURO per year. The subscription keeps running, until you end the license. Paid amounts will not be paid back even if the license ends.

You can also manage chrome devices and licenses yourself - see information further down on this page.

Install Chromebox or Chromebit

This guide is for you who use Chromebox or Chromebit and want automatic start and daily restart of the device, and want to use our system for licenses from Google.

Follow the points below, and you will get going within minutes! :smiley:

You have to log in and order license to get the information for the next points. The order is only for paying customers, not for free trials.

Thats it! PinToMind Player is now installed, and the screen is ready to be used. Feel free to test by turning if off and on, to see that it starts automatically like it should.

If you later want to end this, you click "End license" in the list of licenses that are bought. We will then end the license and unsubscribe the device from our Chrome device management. The device will after restart stop the display of the public screen, and you can delete the content on the device to use if for other purposes. Paid amounts will not be paid back even if the license ends.

Shortcuts in PinToMind Player

When the display has started, you can use these shortcuts:

If you want to: Use your own Chrome device management

Chrome device management is a web-based tool from Google to manage and watch over chrome devices. On Googles webpages, you´ll find guide and more information about Chrome device management.

If you already have, or want to set up, an own Chrome device management to use on public screens, that is fully possible. If so, you can set up rules for the chrome devices, and install PinToMind Player via the admin pages. Prices and more information about purchase of licenses, you get from one of Googles resellers of licenses.