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Help & FAQ / Use of Samsung
Samsung SSSP4

Samsung SSSP5

Example of screen in this generation is Samsung QH55H

Get started

The first time you start your screen, you get to a guide. Follow the steps in the guide (see below), and you are started!

If you want to run the start-guide again later, or it does not come up automatically, you can start it by pressing the HOME-button, and then the MENU-button. Select "System" and "Start Setup" in the menus. You can also go back to factory settings to enter all the settings for the screen anew.

Automatic timer

We recommend adding an automatic timer, for example that the screen will automatically turn on at 7 am and off at 11 pm, to prolong the lifetime of the screen and to be environment-friendly.

This is how you can add an automatic timer:

Factory settings

If you are experiencing trouble with the screen, we recommend resetting it to factory settings.

If this recipe does not work:

Update firmware

Firmware is the software that is built into the screen. In some cases, for example regarding display of video, an update of firmware can improve the display of content. Contact, and we will guide you through updating the firmware of your screen.