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Tips for use of Samsung

Tips for use of Samsung

Screens with built-in player

Various types of Samsung-screens with built-in players have been sold to our customers. How the players work varies, depending on their generation. The players are called Samsung Smart Signage Platform – abridged SSSP.

Generations of Samsung-player av Samsung-player, and setup for these:

Screens with set-back-box and EWF-manager

Samsung-screens with set-back-box and EWF-managers are in general to be set up the same way as other machines with Windows.

Most Samsung-screens with set-back-box have a protection system called EWF-manager. This causes the screen to go back to the last saved setup each time it is turned on. To save a setup after updates, one must run an EWF-manager.

EWF-manager prevents automatic updates of Windows og Chrome. You must therefore update manually, and when you have done this, you must run the EWH-manager which saves the update and restarts a new setup.

Except for this, these are to be set up like Windows.