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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

Samsung SMART Signage

Samsung has delivered screens to several of our customers. Click to get a closer look at the product on Samsung's webpage. Contact support@pintomind.com or find your Samsung-distributor if you have questions!

Our recommendation

The PMF-series is Samsung's newest series, but these are only available in certain sizes. The premium TIZEN-powered displays are built to handle any business need, and come in a slim, captivating design. The new 2016 SMART Signage that supports SSSP 4.0 allows for a stronger, faster and more stable performance than its previous models.

Other models and screen sizes

The DBE-series - Sleek, professional signage that supports 16-hour-per-day functionality. 3rd Generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP).

The DME-series - Professional-grade digital signage that reliably delivers rich content 24/7. 3rd Generation SSSP integrated hardware and software solution streamlines digital signage configuration and management by eliminating the need for an additional PC unit.