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Help & FAQ / Chromebit
PinToMind - Chromebit - Tips for changes and maintenance

PinToMind Player cannot be installed in kiosk-mode

Google has all of a sudden turned off the possibility to install kiosk-apps if the device is not part of a managed domain. Therefore, the guide below cannot be used for the time being. The PinToMind Player can still be used if it is installed, but it will not be reinstallable. We are working on this, and will update this page as soon as we have something new.

Contact us if you want us to let you know when there is news here.

Updated September 17th 2018

Chromebit - Tips for changes and maintenance

This page is a "continuation" of Chromebit with PinToMind player-app. On this page you will find a collection of tips and information about changes and maintenance of Chromebit with PinToMind player-app. Please contact if you have questions!

Go to Chrome OS

When the Chromebit is installed with the PinToMind player-app it automatically goes to the display of your public screen from PinToMind, and is locked in a so called kiosk mode. To get out of the player-app and to go to Chrome, do this:

Change wireless network

Vertical screen

In-install the PinToMind player-app

Change which screen is displayed