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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

Suggestions for hardware

We do not sell hardware. You are free to use your regular equipment-provider and the hardware you want to use.

Samsung SMART Signage with built-in player

This is definitely the easiest way to get started. After an easy startup guide, the screen will start automatically every day. This screen covers the need for most people, and can be supplemented with a PC if you need more power and flexibility.

See Samsung screens or read about our experiences

Asus Chromebit

A cheap and simple PC which can help you if you have a screen but are lacking a PC for it. With our player-app you can easily use Chromebit to run public screens with autostart in fullscreen.

See how it works or read about our experiences

Samsung DB-E with set-back-box

The strongest and most expensive alternative is to buy screen and set-back-box with Windows and 4GB memory. The set-back-box is a customized PC mounted behind screen. This is the best alternative if your want to display a lot of vidoes and images.

Find Samsung store for advice and offers

Asus PC Stick QM1

An alternative to Asus Chromebit for those who prefer Windows, or want to have the option of TeamViewer etc. Asus QM1 struggles with heavy loads, but our experience is that it works well on public screens without too much heavy content like videos and many images.

Find more info from Asus or read about our experiences

Even if you are not sure about your hardware, that should not keep you from creating a free trial. You can test pintomind on your own machine, and order equipment later.


Any questions?

We would like to help you. Send an e-mail to, and you will hear from us!