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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

Suggestions for hardware

We do not sell hardware. You are free to use your regular equipment-provider and the hardware you want to use.

Samsung SMART Signage

If you do not yet have a screen for digital signage, then Samsung SMART Signage with Tizen is definitely the easiest way to get started. After an easy startup guide , the screen will start automatically every day.

See Samsung screens, find a distributor or read about our experiences

Chromebox or Chromebit

If you already have a screen, but are lacking a browser, these are cheap and good solutions. Choose between Chromebox which gives power, or Chromebit which is cheaper and smaller. Both start automatically and will get a daily restart by installing PinToMind Player. Read more here.

Hardware you already have

If you already have a screen with a built-in browser, or a screen and a PC, this can quite often be used. In general, we are sceptical to smart-tvs, but if you already have this, you should test it, and possibly add a PC. Here you can find help to start display on various types of hardware.

Even if you are not sure about your hardware, that should not keep you from creating a free trial. You can test pintomind on your own machine, and order equipment later.


Any questions?

Contact us, - we are happy to help!