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Help & FAQ for PinToMind
Display and setup of Public screen
Note! This functionality is in BETA. After the Beta-period, it will be only available for the subscriptions SUPER, PRO and FLEXI.

PinToMind Go :iphone:

A public screen is great for creating attention. But what if you don't happen to be right by the public screen? Up until now only registered users and administrators have been able to logg in and see the content on the screen. Cumbersome!

Share a Public Screen

With PinToMind Go you can easily share the public screen with your staff, pupils or others in your organization. They will be able to see the content in a great app for smartphones and tablets, or on their PC.


The content is the same as on the screen, but with a customized design. On the mobile phone, you do not want to have to sit and wait for the posts to "scroll by" as on a screen. Here you will get the posts displayed in a reader-friendly list that you can scroll through as you wish.

Get started

  1. Download PinToMind Go for iOS/Android :iphone:.
  2. Feel free to use the sharing code "demo" to quickly see possibilities.
  3. Click "start sharing" in your list of screens, and you will get going right away.

You can spread the link or sharing code to those you want to be able to see the content. You can stop the sharing whenever you want to, and you do not commit yourself to anything by testing this.


What do you think?

We get excited when we think of all the possibilities this opens up for the users of PinToMind. A PinToMind-screen can help you collect all the important things in one place, create attention with screens on the wall, and extend the reach with content on mobile screens.

We would love to hear your comments or questions at