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Help & FAQ for PinToMind
Display and setup of Public screen

PinToMind Go :iphone:

A public screen is great for creating attention. But what if you don't happen to be right by the public screen? Up until now only registered users and administrators have been able to logg in and see the content on the screen. Cumbersome!

Share a Public Screen

With PinToMind Go you can easily share the public screen with your staff, pupils or others in your organization. They will be able to see the content in a great app for smartphones and tablets, or on their PC.


The content is the same as on the screen, but with a customized design. On the mobile phone, you do not want to have to sit and wait for the posts to "scroll by" as on a screen. Here you will get the posts displayed in a reader-friendly list that you can scroll through as you wish.

Get started

  1. Download PinToMind Go for iOS/Android :iphone:.
  2. Feel free to use the sharing code "demo" to quickly see possibilities.
  3. Click "start sharing" in your list of screens, and you will get going right away.
  4. Share the sharing-code with people you want to be able to see the content. Feel free to publish the Promo-post that we have made ready for you to your screen.

You can stop the sharing whenever you want to, and you do not commit yourself to anything by testing this.


Send push notifications

Push notifications makes it possible to send a notification to users of the app PinToMind Go when something new is published on the screen.

When creating a new post, you first selects which screens you want the post displayed on, and then you select if you want for push-notifications to go out for this post. If push-notifications is selected, this will be sent out to all those who "subscribe" to these screens in the Go-app. The user will then be told that there is something new, and can open the app to see the new post.


Why am I not receiving push notifications?

Note! You get access to GO during the free trial and with the subsciptions SUPER, PRO and FLEXI.