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Help & FAQ for PinToMind
Get started

Get a kick-start!

Nothing is like a good start! Here you will get a short explanation on how you get started well with

Free trial

A 30 day free trial comes with no commitment, and you get to try the system before you have to decide. Feel free to start a "trial before the trial" if you want to test it a bit before showing others. You get to keep the content you create during your free trial if you decide to activate your account.

Create posts with different types of content

When you create a trial account, we help you get started with your first posts and your first screen. Try it out! Edit the posts, change the order and explore the possibilities you have! You can add more posts, with different types of posts, by clicking "NEW POST" in the top right corner.

Customize and display online

Under "Screens" you can select "Settings" to adjust the layout of your screens. Upload logo, select background colour or background image and adjust the look of the footer. Now you are ready to start displaying your public screen!

Add more users

Get more people to join you updating the public screens already during the trial. Go to the menu-item "Users" and send invitations. After sending the invitation, you can limit the user's access to one or more screens, and whether he will be able to see all posts or only his own.

Activate the account

To keep the account after the trial, you must activate it. Select price-plan and register invoice information. You can decide yourself if you want to pay by card, receive invoice on pdf by e-mail.