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Help & FAQ for PinToMind
Display and set-up of a public screen

Display a public screen in full screen

There are several ways to display a public screen, but the "key" is to be able to display a webpage in full screen. Each public screen has its own webpage which is updated automatically with the most updated content. The address for the screen is our address + a secret code. We use ABC123 in the examples under, but you have to exchange this one with the code for your screen.

Find the screen code and start the display

  1. Log in and select screens in the menu on the top left .
  2. Make a note of the address for the screen + SCREEN-CODEABC123.
  3. Open the screen address in a browser on the physical screen which shall display the content.
  4. For full screen mode, click F11 on Windows, or CMD + SHIFT + F for Chrome on Mac.

Automatic start-up and full screen

On most types of hardware, one can set it up in such a way that the browser will start automatically and will be displayed in fullscreen mode when the machine starts. How this is done, depends on what type of screen you have, or what type of PC is connected to the screen. Here are tips for the most normal types: