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Help & FAQ / Post types and features

Manage users

Add users

-You find user-management by selecting "Users" in the menu.

Users are added by adding their name and e-mail-address. An e-mail will be sent to the user when you save it.

Adjust rights

After having invited a user, you can decide whether the user shall be an administrator (all rights), or if he shall have limited rights on the account.

If you choose limited rights, you select which screen(s) he will be able to publish posts to, and if he will be able to edit everyone's posts or only his own.

Order and contact-person

Left of the name of the user, you find a field which you can pull to sort the order on the list of users.

The user which is on top of the list, is the contact-person for the account, and will receive e-mails related to the account.

Same user of multiple accounts

A user can be a member of multiple acccounts. The user will at login get a choice of which account he wants to log in to. When the user is logged in, he can change accounts, by clicking on the PinToMind-logo on the top of the screen.