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Help & FAQ / Post types and features

Manage posts from the opening page

Filter posts in the list

On the top left of the opening page, you find a dropdown list with options for filters regarding which posts will be displayed in your list of posts.

To the right of the dropdown list, there is a link for displaying more advanced filters and searches. Here you can specify a more detailed filter, among others you can select to only see posts belonging to a specific user or a specific type of posts.

Preview post

Click on the line of a post to preview the post. On the top of the preview-display, you can decide if you want to preview on a regular screen or on a vertical screen-display. If you have multiple screens, you can also select which screen you want to preview on.

Select position and order of posts

The list of posts is devided into three sections, which represents the three areas of the screen: main window, sidebar and footer.

To the left of the title of each post, you find the symbol . This you can place your mouse pointer over, left-click and pull the post up or down. YOu can change the order of the posts, or you can change the post's position on the screen.

See status and select screens for the post to be displayed on

The symbol shows that the post is active and that it is displayed on one screen. The symbol shows that the display is scheduled (white sector inside the circle) and waiting for the time of scheduling (orange), and that it will be displayed on one screen. The symbol shows that the post is not connected to any screen, and therefore not active.

By clicking on the status-symbol, you get a list of screens. Here you can choose to add or take away a screen for the post to be displayed on.

To the left of the status-symbol is a dropdown list where you can edit the duration of the post's display.