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Help & FAQ / Post types and features

Adjust and copy layout for screens

You can adjust the layout for your screens for them to get your personal touch. When you have adjusted and are happy with one screen, it is easy to copy the layout for other screens.

Adjust layout

When you create an account, we make the first screen for you, and give it our standard setup.

Under the menu-choice "Screens", you can click on "settings" to edit the look of your screen.

Upload logo, select background colour or background image and adjust the look of the footer.

Add the same layout to other screens

When you have made a layout for one screen, you can add it to other screens.

There are two ways to do this:

Screens which are marked "cannot be copied" have an old setup which cannot be copied to others. If you only have screens like these, you must first renew the layout of one screen, and then copy and add this to your other screens.