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Decorate the public screens for the holidays

Decorate the public screens for the holidays

The christmas- and wintery background images are ready - decorate your public screens for the holidays!

Change background image

We have now made background images available for you to choose between by going to "Screens" in the menu, and then clicking on Settings for the screen. One of these nice background images can be seen in the image above on the left.

Decorate the footer with snow decoration

You can also decorate the footer with snow. A solid-coloured background combined with the snow-decoration looks great, as you can see in the image above on the right. On this screen we have also "cheated" and added an present in the place for the logo, and then used this to select colour for the screen.

Copy when you have made one

Do you have several screens? When you have decorated one, you can copy the layout for the other screens.

Happy holidays!