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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

:ambulance: Is support included?

Yes, support is included in the price! Send an e-mail to and we will answer you as quickly as we can. Most issues we can resolve through e-mail, but we can also make an appointment to call you, and possibly that we control your screen remotely and explain to you through Teamviewer.

:briefcase: How do I order PinToMind?

When you have a free trial there is a button on top saying "Activate now". Click on this one, and you will be taken through a guide where you select price plan and add invoice information.

:zzz: What happens if the internet connection is lost?

Public screens which lose their internet-connection, continue to run with the content they had when the screen last had contact with our server. The screen will regularly check if it is possible to reconnect, and will download new content when the internet-connection is restored.

:calendar: Time or date is not displayed correctly on the screen

Time and date on the screen are updated continuously from our server. If the screen is in a different timezone, you can change the timezone under "Screens" and "Settings" for the relevant screen.

:straight_ruler: How high resolution do images and backgrounds have?

:satellite: Can I decide which posts will be displayed on which screens?

If you have multiple screens on your account, you select which screen(s) you want your post displayed on before saving the post. You can also decide which posts will be displayed on which screen(s) on the start-page.

:cop: Why does it say that I have too many screens online?

The system counts the number of screens (browsers) that have an open URL/screenaddress from our system. If you get this warning without having too many screens online, the URL is probably open other places than on the public screen, e.g. on the PC of one of the users. If you do not find the reason, you can change the screenaddress/URL under "Screens" > "Settings" > "Security".

:newspaper: Can I display websites on the public screen?

In principle you cannot display websites on public screens. We have done it this way because most webpages are not designed for public screens, and we have little control over how it will look on the public screens if we retrieve the website-code directly. The best alternative would be to retrieve news from a website through RSS. It is also possible to display a picture of the website statically by taking a screenshot, and add this as an image-post. A final option is to add an iframe in a text-post. The experiences with how this turns out are mixed, because the iframe has to be adjusted to the relevant screen for it to look good.

:golf: How do I update Google Chrome?

In most cases Google Chrome will update itself automatically. You can see which browser your public screens use, by going to "Screens" and "View units". To help this happen, you can turn your screens off and on from time to time. This will make Google Chrome update itself automatically. Here you can read more, and see a video from Google about updating Chrome. If you have a Samsung-screen with a set-back-box, you have to remember to save with EWF-manager after updating.

:ghost: Why isn't the screen updated?

Public screens which lose contact with our server, continues to run with the content they had when the screen last had contact with our server. The most common reason for a screen not to be updated, is that it has lost contact with internet locally. Try restarting the screen, and possibly check if everything is ok with the internet-connection on the screen. You can see which screens are online in your list of screens.

:earth_americas: Which browsers can I use?

When you manage your screens and posts, it should be possible to use all main browsers on phone and PC. We do not support XP with Internet Explorer 8, but have support from > IE9.

We recommend Google Chrome for displaying live screens. From our experience, this one is most stabile in the long term, and is updated on functionality which work well with public screens.

:tv: How to count screens?

The price plans indicate how many physical screens you can use our system on. You count the number of screens, by counting how many physical screens are displaying content from PinToMind simultaneously. Each physical screen is counted, even if it uses the same URL/screen address as other screens or is connected to the same display through a signal splitter.