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  • You can easily display content on screens through this web-based solution. Time to impress people!
  • Manage all content through your own PC, tablet or phone. Independent of location, as everything happens in the cloud.
  • Give a modern first impression to visitors, and keep everyone informed easily.

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Today 1400 different workplaces are using our Digital Signage Software to inform about what is important to them in a very easy way.

The reason we chose your software for our digital signage, is mainly because the system is so user friendly at the same time as the result is nice and professional.
Andreas Cittlau, Christian Michelsen Research

I have tested your digital signage software, and find it very useful. I see that it is so easy to use that anyone could use this tool to convey information.
Sveinung Pedersen, Nor Lines AS

Inform like a pro

  • All you need is a web browser opened in fullscreen to display your digital signage content
  • Be a master :sunglasses: at keeping everyone on the same page
  • Save time and energy (and :dollar: ) with our user friendly software

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