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A screen with a good size footer

Published 29.05.2015 by Favo

The PinToMind-screen provides you with a good size footer! The news are easy to read, and you can display weather forecast for several days. You can also easily add your own logo to the footer of your screen.

Taller - more space

We have increased the number on lines in the footer from two to three. We think this one extra line makes news and messages easier and more understandable when you read them.

Scrolls better - more reader friendly

The footer scrolls in a good way. The text moves in the way that one would want to read it; the lines for each piece of news are connected. It makes it easy to read, and works great for displaying messages as well.

Weather forecast in the footer

You can also display weather forecast in the footer! There is space for icons with weather forecast for several days ahead!

Easily add your own logo

It is very easy to add your own logo to the footer of your screen. The other content in the footer will adjust itself to allow space for the logo or not.

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